Self Reflection

1. What am I good at?

I know I am good at compartmentalizing. Dealing with pressure that most people fear. I have a great ability to make decisions quick that are 99.9% correct. Finally I know I am good at delayed gratification. I do not like to toot my own horn however, I do think these three abilities alone have given me opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without them.

2. What do I value?

I know I value quality time with those around me (family, friends, teammates, etc). I know I also having a high compensation for a career. I know money will not buy happiness or make my relationships great however, I want to get paid for the time I put into. These two work life balance so to speak are the most I value in a career.

3. How did I get here?

My story is not like many other who are pursuing an MBA. I barley graduated from high school. With three weeks left in the year I changed classes to receive a passing grade. School and I were never friends. I was better at sports, which led to me having another chance at school. A community college near Portland. While I was there I was able to understand the value of education. I became a National Champion in wrestling but also an Academic All-America in the meantime. I had an opportunity to continue at Oregon State and the success continued. Leading to the first person in y family with a bachelors degree and that led me wanting more… an MBA…. and here I am

4. Where am I going?

The current track I am on will lead to a job in finance. I am taking multiple courses on excel to enhance my technical skills, I am in an analyst program that will open up many doors with investment banking in San Diego which is where I will live. After a year or two of IB I plan on switching to the buy side -Private Equity. This is the course I want and wish for and think I am making the correct decisions to do so.

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