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This term has been filled with many ups and downs. I have never been great at school. However, I have found a topic (business/finance) that I not only enjoy but really see myself having a future here. I plan to own my own business one day.  I haver big dreams for my future and apart of that future is hiring new personnel for positions. I will focus on a broader concept of this course. I have learned how to benefit myself when applying for positions and how to benefit my future company. It is difficult for me to accept that students from traditional “target” schools will be offered the position before myself because they are from an Ivy League. I am battling that now.  I am looking to leverage my MBA and get relative experience to succeed over these Ivy league students. Afterall Beavers are better anyway 😊.  I found the recent topic of job interview to be very helpful. I am currently looking/interviewing for jobs as we work through this course work.  

Through my recent interviews I have found/picked up on the structure of them and how some of the interviews are probably more valid than others. Most start with a phone call then moves to zoom. However, I found myself cheating the interview and telling them what they wanted to hear but I don’t think I believed it myself. Long story short I did not take the position but think interviews over zoom can be played in the interviewee favor. This course has given me so much knowledge of the process and some misbelieves of the process.

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