Having a good understanding of your own personality is crucial to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. I took the shorter versions of the two tests (120 questions). After looking at the results I was not too surprised by the results. I know I am pretty outgoing, have a high activity level and seek experiences. I know I do not trust others easily and the test showed that in my results. I scored pretty high in the conscientiousness categories. I wasn’t too surprised, but it was a good reminder that I hold myself to high standard. As for the neuroticism section my scores were fairly low. The last section for experiences, my scores were scattered. Some were high some where low.

If a potential employer was looking these results, I think I would stand a good stance of getting the job or moving up in the company. I really like how I scored well on conscientiousness. Some of my best qualities lie in this section. I have high self-discipline, achievement striving, and self-efficacy. I think another area an employer would be happy with my results is in the extraversion category. This is an area that would help me and potential clients either get along or create a relationship for further down the road. It is difficult to say which area is best, as we know some recruiters have bias. Depending on which job I was applying for may be either helpful or not. I am looking to get into finance and with some of these scores that would help however in a job that required more openness I may not be the best candidate form my score in that section. After reviewing my results multiple times I do think that an employer would be happy with my results as a whole and would consider me for the position.

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