Typical vs. Maximal Performance

Given the situation of hiring Avery or Jamie, there are some things to take into account. Since this is my business, I will have the final decision and whether that decision is good or bad is on me. My choice for a person to work at my company every day would be Jamie. The reason for this is the consistency. This is where I can depend on Jamie to get the job done. I know that that they aren’t very clutch. However, as a boss I know this and can help Jamie.

A job where Avery would be more valuable is a short term or period where we could harness the high potential and use it to our advantage. The high potential of this person is not easy over looked and perhaps is what really keeps them in the race for a job. I think of a soccer player who just got traded and is pushing for the post season. The team can help push Avery into the post season and really perform well.

I think a job that make Jamie more valuable would be a day-to-day job and something that doesn’t require too much pressure or stress so Jamie could achieve what they needed to. I think of a job where it gets pretty routine. This can be an office job, nothing high stakes etc.

Both Avery ad Jamie can become assets towards the company. I think both people are going to need some coaching or incentives to help get them to the next level of becoming a better employee.

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