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In our current market it is crucial to standout from your competitors. Whether you sell products or are applying for a job. Personally, I am currently leveraging my MBA. In our job market, MBA isn’t what it used to be however, I know it is valuable and I use that to my ability. My brand is consisting of perseverance/determination and creating a culture that focuses on growth and opportunity. A weakness that I have compared to many competitors, experience. I was a NCAA Division I Athlete which consumes all the time available and did not get experience over summers like most of my peers did. This is a weakness but, is also unique and different that not too many people have done. I think by leveraging my MBA and being a DI athlete, I can land jobs with my competitive advantages.

If I were to create an ad for myself, I would keep couple things in mind. The first thing that I thought of is how quickly people skip adds or don’t acknowledge them. So, with that being said I would have to grab their attention quickly. Another thing that I thought of is where is this ad displayed. I think a very powerful tool is social media. So many people use it, and I can take advantage of that. Sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter are places where I would want my ad to be posted. I would have my name either in bigger or bold font to have my name recognized. Another is to have a piece of contact information available so that the recruiter can contact me if he/she chooses to. I have been debating to have a picture of myself on the ad or not. I know I only have couple of seconds to grab the attention of the viewer. I would have a short concise message stating some strengths but nothing too long that would take away from the ad. I would want the person to see the add at least 2x. I think with the combination of the sites I would use, the short message with my name in bold and my contact information then I think it could be a successful ad.

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