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Searching for a new job is challenging. I am currently on the job hunt. Checking for new jobs posted multiple times a day so I can have a job over summer. I am even applying for internships that can lead to full-time positions. I have been applying for financial analysts and investment banking internships. The most recent job I applied for was today. The job description influenced my decision to apply for the position is some interesting ways. First, I had the requirements needed for the job so I felt I would be a good candidate. I didn’t really have the exact experience the job weas looking for. I was a college athlete and spent summers training for my sport. It left no time for jobs and now I am struggle to find one. However, I still think with my experience I would be a good a candidate. The task of the job didn’t seem to out of the ordinary so it cheeked another box for me. I think I would be good at the tasks required. Lastly there was a why work here section. The first thing it stated was having a positive culture. This is really important to me. I have been a part of a good culture and a bad culture for teams and this really can impact reasons why I would work somewhere. Lastly, the job description stated ‘Work hard play hard’ mentality. I never would classify myself as that however it seemed like a fun place to work. Not to mention there was a completive benefits section that I would mind having. Lol

The job description is listed below.

Who You Are

  • Bachelor’s in Finance, Accounting, or similar required.
  • 1-2 years of progressive Financial Analysis experience
  • Strong ERP and Excel skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to interact with high level executives and internal team members

What You’ll Do

  • Performs a variety of financial reporting and analysis activities at company level and presenting monthly and quarterly reports to the entire company.
  • Support senior leadership team with data mining to provide data-driven analysis.
  • Develop financial models to support strategic initiatives.
  • Track all budgeting related to projects

Why Work Here

  • Culture is a priority. Fostering a fun, open culture factors into every decision and business evaluation.
  • ‘Work hard play hard’ mentality
  • People / Atmosphere: Work with a welcoming and collaborative team with a drive for success.
  • Competitive benefits!
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