Experiences in Discrimination

Discrimination amongst individuals should not be tolerated. It should definitely not happen in the workplace. I like many companies here in America. If a company that I like was faced with a public lawsuit in which they were accused of widespread discrimination against individuals from an ethnicity, culture, or belief system that I associated with I would-be very disappointed. I also think if I didn’t associate with an ethnicity, culture, or belief system that others do, does not make it ok for them to face discrimination. The outstanding claim would change the way I think and feel toward that company. I would immediately remove any support I had towards that organization. I think it is important to recognize what that company has done and change it moving forward. When thinking about apply for that company I would take a few things into consideration. How recent did this happen? Has management changed? Has the company set a new culture? I know we live in a “cancel culture” society nowadays and it can ruin many people. I do not condone discrimination however, if a good time period passed, there was new management and a new culture established at the company then yes, I would apply. I would dissociate with the company until things changed at the company. If the company has changed then I see no problem applying. I would go through the company thoroughly before making that decision. The decision would not be taken easily. I know companies can change and I hope in our future we do not have to see discrimination in our country.  

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