The first 2017 Garden Pest Update for the mid-Willamette Valley has some interesting finds.  This episode was filmed at the Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture on the OSU Campus.  Scroll down for resources on the problems mentioned in the video.

Sunburn on Rhododendron

Dealing with thistle: a perennial & hard to manage weed

Aphid Management Guidelines

Rust on Oregon Grape (Mahonia aquifolium)


Not mentioned in the video but fun finds during the recent MG Plant Problem Walk:

Ash Anthracnose

Whitefly adult and eggs on new foliage of Oregon Grape (left). (Close up photos coming soon! New: Check out the blog post for closeup & video)



Slides & Resources from 6/18/2016 presentation in Lane County for the Home Orchard Management class series.  This presentation focuses on the fundamentals of pest & disease management for home orchard production.  Emphasis is on IPM and introducing Extension resources.

Slide set:  Slide deck (online show at Slide Share)


Cultivar Susceptibility to select diseases from PNW Disease Handbook (Apple, Cherry, Hazelnut, Pears)

OSU Extension publication: Managing Diseases & Insects in Home Orchards

OSU Extension catalog: Fruit & Nuts category

Online Phenology & Degree-day Models

PNW Handbooks (Diseases, Insects, Weeds)