An important part of being a Master Gardener is staying current on the latest horticultural science.  With that in mind, OSU Extension has developed a webinar series to supplement other classes you may take this year. Remember, you need at least 10 hours of approved education by October 31 to be recertified.  Each webinar in this series is approved for 1 hour of continuing education.

What is a webinar?  A webinar is a seminar that is presented over the internet.  The presenter(s) will show slides and photos while they are speaking on their topic.  There is a Q&A box to enter your questions.  Each webinar will be ~40 minutes long and followed by a moderated Q&A session.

How do I participate? For more information on each session click the link below.
Once you’re there, click on the “Location” link to pre-register for the webinar and get emailed reminders.  There is no cost to participate and the webinars are open to all.  If you can’t attend the live webinar, a recording will be available.

Please consider donating to support this webinar series in 2019 & beyond.

2019 Webinar Series
(check back as new webinars will be listed as they are scheduled!)

Update on Sudden Oak Death in the Pacific Northwest
Presented by: Sarah Navarro (Oregon Department of Forestry) and Norma Kline (OSU Extension)
Recording available:

Demystifying Grafted Tomatoes: The Why & How for Gardeners
Presented by: Dr. Cary Rivard (Kansas State University)
Recording available:

Adapting Dry Farming Techniques to Vegetable Gardens
Presented by Amy Garrett (OSU Extension)
Recording available: 

Project Happy Apples: Reducing Codling Moth Damage in Backyard Orchards
Presented by Amy Jo Detweiler (OSU Extension)
Recording available:

“First Look” Reading a Pesticide Label to Protect Bees
Presented by Matthew Bucy (OSU Undergraduate Honors student)
Recording available:

Let’s Talk Invasive Insects with the Oregon Department of Agriculture
Presented by Joshua Vlach (ODA Entomologist)
Recording available:

Asian Jumping Worm: A Threat to Oregon Landscapes
Presented by Dr. Sam Chan (OSU Sea Grant Extension) and Linda Tucker Serniak (OSU Environmental Sciences PhD student)
Recording available:

Are Viruses Lurking in Your Backyard Cherries?
Presented by Lauri Lutes (OSU Botany and Plant Pathology PhD student)
Recording available:

Introduction to Olives in Oregon
Presented by Victoria Binning and Heather Stoven (OSU Extension)
Recording available:

What Can a Leaf Bud Tell Us About Environmental Change? Citizen Science, Master Gardeners and Nature’s Notebook.
Presented by Erin Posthumus (USA National Phenology Network)
Recording available:

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