Classes taught by Rick Colwell

OEAS 500, Cascadia Field Course, Fall Quarter – OEAS 500 is an intensive, week-long field course in Cascadia (i.e., the mountains and coast of Oregon and Washington) that is offered to graduate students a week before fall term begins. Taught with George Waldbusser.

GEO 331 Astrobiology, Fall Quarter – GEO 331 evaluates the potential distribution of life in the Universe, presents the science and technology used to search for life, and explores the societal impacts of its discovery. Taught with Martin Fisk.

OC 103 Exploring the Deep, Spring Quarter – OC 103 is an introduction to oceanography as an interdisciplinary science. The course covers plate tectonics and the geological structure of ocean basins; physical and chemical properties of seawater; circulation of the atmosphere and ocean; marine sediment properties and transport; Earth history recorded in marine sediments; the carbon cycle in the atmosphere and sea; and the ecology of pelagic and benthic systems. Taught with Miguel Goni.

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