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One of the most important things I look for in the people around me is consistency. It means I have people that I can depend on, and I know they can accomplish things when asked to and what they say they will do, they will do. This means that I don’t have to babysit them, and I know I can place my focus elsewhere when only their part is left. Often we are stressed because we don’t know we can trust people. Consistency is vitally important in all aspects of our lives; for us, having something consistent like a paycheck or a car means that we can focus on other things. Then we are not worrying or stressing about extra things. This is important because our bodies use stress to help us in dangerous situations. Still, when we are always stressed, our bodies never return to normal function, leading to severe health effects.

Consistency in our own lives is what most of us seek and something that we try to provide. It eliminates the variables in our life and, overall, just simplifies our lives. It is also a hard thing to provide in all areas of our lives. While it is also one of the most sought after thing.

Consistency is something for me that helps me stay focused, get work done, not get weighted down by decision fatigue, and know what I am going to do next. When my life has consistency, I get into a rhythm, and that allows me to be more productive and even form good habits, which often results in good things. When things are inconsistent, you are fighting against so many different things to achieve things you need to do. A lack of consistency in my life does decrease my productivity.

The best way to create consistency is to pick the things that you value and just do them, again and again, this will help you to form a consistent habit, and then you can add other things. Consistency often relates to what we value, and when we consistently value things, it will create consistency.

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