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There are days when we all feel a little stuck. Whether that is in the house since last March, stuck on an assignment, task, job, or just life in general. Being stuck is no fun. It makes it seem like there is nowhere to turn, and there is nothing that can be done. In fact, that is not true. Stuck is generally a frame of mind. For me, it often comes at the point when staring at the debugger, and all I see is just a bunch of characters on a screen, and my brain has had enough.

Stuck in life can come about when you feel like progress is being made. You aren’t learning anything, you don’t enjoy anything, or you simply do the exact same thing over and over again.
These ways of being stuck can and do take a serious toll on us. When you are hitting a wall, and you keep trying to punch through only to come back later and find the missing semicolon or misspelled variable, you find that with a simple change of perspective or a simple break, your eyes are open, and the problem is somehow easier to understand.

When you are stuck in life, you can’t help but have to do something different, whether that is taking a trip or buy a new toy, or talk to your friends or family that care about you, support, and encourage you. Other people are a vital tool that we can use to help us get unstuck. For me, that often means talking to my wife or just being around her. For others, that could be a close friend, or your pet, your mom, your therapist.

Being stuck literally immobilizes you and keeps you focused on only what you can’t do. Instead, look for what you can do. You can care about the people around you, even in just small ways. You can work on a different assignment, clean something, change your routine, try something new, or write a blog. 😀

Never let yourself be stuck for more than a short while. Ask for help, break up the routine, smile, have fun, find the joy in what you are doing; else, nothing you ever do will be fulfilling.

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