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Sometimes the things that we want to the most are the things that we have to wait the longest for. This is not a bad thing it teaches us many things and helps us to learn that it is not just about the destination, but it is about the journey and the friends you made along the way. For many people that is what school, or college is about. Some of the best friends we have are those we made in school. Some of our greatest memories are from school. The hardest part is that sometimes it feels like school may never end. But as a Senior who has been taking college classes for about 10 years, I can honestly say that it feels like forever but as the end draws near it looks better and better. This long journey has taught me so many things and it makes me grateful for every step I have taken, all the people along the way, the opportunity to even pursue, and the ways in which it has changed me.

All that said this week was a week that tested my patience, it seemed like I never had the time I wanted to get stuff done or I was never as productive as I wanted to be. I had to patient with myself because if you lose patience with yourself you will never be able to try something new or accomplish something hard. The hardest things are often the most rewarding. Being patient and allowing yourself some grace in spite of the difficulty of whatever is before you will be the greater benefit than whatever you are working on.

Patience is critical in anything from work, to investing, to life decisions, to driving, and many more areas. The applications of patience are unending, but specifically, I find that when applying patience to coding benefits me greatly because I spend time researching, designing, planning, all of which take place before the actual work which is usually the only thing I want to do. Patience comes into practice with people very often, teammates that are running behind take longer than you want them to, or just try our patience.

I find that I really don’t want to talk about the technical side of my projects, but it is those technical side of the project and this course that brings about these other lessons. All of which I am thankful for.

To travel is to take a journey into yourself.  Danny Kaye

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