Deadlines — Data Point #6

Why did I choose my project?

I chose this project originally because it felt different than other projects in the capstone options and smaller projects that I have done in previous OSU work. I also chose it because it sounded challenging and put me out of my depth in a way where I could push myself to learn more. I thought the idea of big data and algorithmic statistical processing sounded the most interesting to me.

What was difficult about this project?

The hardest part of this project was the math. I learned very quickly that I am a programmer and not a statistician. Thankfully I am in the right major then! But it did make this very hard, as in this project there was lots of work outside just programming. I spent many extra hours on this project writing formulas on paper so that I could better understand them to get correct results.

Who will use

The target audience for this library will be anyone in SCA who wants a library that is abstracted in a readable way. Hopefully it will show that it is easy to use and educational. The library is more geared to data people and SCA/EE people than it is software people; which is why we had to learn so much!

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