An Introduction – Data Point #1

Hey fellow data point generator! Thats you, and me! My name is Jadon and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland (PST +8). I attend Oregon State University (OSU) through their Ecampus, and am working towards graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science. Outside of University I enjoy coffee, the ocean, and doing anything that gets my body moving – whether that be cold ocean swims, cycling, or hiking up a mountain.

Mt. Errigal, Donegal, Republic of Ireland.

Even though it was something both my dad and granddad were in, I never wanted to be in the software/computer game. However I somehow stumbled into the intro CS class at OSU (back when I was on campus) and haven’t looked back sense after changing my major. Ever since then I have enjoyed every second of learning; even the times when I accidently deleted a “}” and couldn’t find the error for hours. Easy to say I’ve come a long way from there (mainly because of linters… jk…I hope…), and now am settling in software engineering for big data in my capstone project for OSU.

We consumed 97 zettabytes of data as of 2022, and are consuming and generating more data every second according to Domo and their popular research blog and infographic: Data Never Sleeps. Thats 97 X 10^21, which equals: 97,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data.

I have a new interest in data as it pertains to software engineering and the problems of having so much of it. In this blog I hope you the reader will go on a journey with me (a, more or less, complete newbie) where I learn from/with my team on how software engineers handle the modern problem of big data through our capstone project at OSU.

Let’s climb this metaphoric mountain of data together 🙂