The 10th Week – Data Point #3

The Project

This project (looking at Big Data for SCA), was the most daunting project I have come across once it was fully explained to me. I didn’t know loads about encryption or big data, only bits and pieces. I didn’t know how to use the toolchain we decided on, I didn’t know a lot. Over the last 10 weeks I’ve learned more in a short amount of time, more than I thought I could; just in this last week I am finally feeling like I have a grasp on the project as a whole. For v0.0.2 we are starting to implement some basic parts of the library, so that we can spend more time optimizing our solution in the future. Overall, I am excited to learn more in actually developing this project till it is completed in the coming year.


At the beginning of this term I was applying for jobs and I am happy to announce that following graduation I have been offered an Associate Software Engineering position at a company called Liberty IT here in the UK. It is nice to have some recognition and reward for all the work I put into this degree. To anyone on the job hunt best of luck!


In my learning for this project I am working with h5py, hdf5 files, and numpy. Numpy was a technology I had heard of but never actually got to using, so it has been nice to expand my knowledge base in that regard. Learning hdf5 has been a learning curve, but h5py makes it easier. The most challenging part will not be so much the technologies but optimizing in our library.


Have you ever been so stuck on a problem that you spent all day in a debugger only to realize you typed ‘j’ instead of ‘i’? — Me too. My advice to anyone taking computer science classes, or developing in general, is to get up. When you’re stuck on a problem, get up and come back to it fresh eyes. I’ll go for a walk or get a coffee or snack, which ever it is it lets me come back to the problem and solve it in less time than staring at a debugger for hours.

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