Jacob Darwin Hamblin, Principal Investigator

Jacob Darwin Hamblin is Professor of History at Oregon State University, where he directs the program in Environmental Arts and Humanities.  He is a specialist in history of science and environmental history. His past books include Arming Mother Nature: the Birth of Catastrophic Environmentalism (Oxford, 2013), Poison in the Well: Radioactive Waste in the Oceans at the Dawn of the Nuclear Age (Rutgers, 2008), and Oceanographers and the Cold War (Washington, 2005). Arming Mother Nature won the Paul Birdsall Prize in 2014 from the American Historical Association, and the Helen Miles Davis and Watson Davis Prize in 2016 from the History of Science Society.


Linda M. Richards, Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Linda M. Richards has been learning about social injustice, nuclear history, militarism and nonviolence in the streets and in nonprofits, archives and classrooms for over 36 years. Richards holds a 2014 doctorate in the History of Science from OSU. She teaches courses in history of science and medicine, US environmental history, and “Why War?” HST 317. Her most recent published work is a critique of the Department of Energy tours of the B-Reactor at the former Hanford Nuclear Reservation for the journal Public History. This and her other work are available at the website atomiclinda.com

Shelby Bremigan is an M.A. student in the History of Science program. Her research interests primarily focus on 20th century physics, nuclear policy, and the scientists’ movement. She completed her B.A. in History at the University of Texas at Austin before moving to Oregon. Her undergraduate research focused on the Atomic Scientists of Chicago and their efforts to create the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and establish an international governing body for nuclear weapons. 

Anna Elizabeth Dvorak earned a PhD candidate in History of Science at Oregon State University, where she studied science in early Cold War policy and science in literature through both the fictional and factual works of Leo Szilard.  

Adrian Monty earned an MA in Environmental Arts and Humanities at Oregon State University. She worked on transcriptions of oral history interviews conducted in the Downwinders project. Her MA project focused on living memory of exposure to radiation among downwinders and scientists.

Kristina Beggen, Graduate Student

Kristina Beggen earned a Masters in Environmental Arts and Humanities at Oregon State University. She has a particular interest in protecting indigenous values and applying traditional ecological knowledge to modern environmental problems.

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