DAS has a new tool that may help improve your grades! We are testing a new product, Smartpen by Lifescribe. Students use the pen to take notes as usual but the pen links your notes with an audio of your lecture. The user writes in a special notebook with the pen, and the pen is capable of ‘remembering’ where your instructor was in his/her lecture at the moment you wrote the note, enabling you to read over your notes after class, and replay what the instructor said when the note was written. You are also able to download free software and upload the notes and lecture audio to the program. Then the program will show you the page of notes, and highlight what you were writing as the lecture plays over the computer speakers.

If you believe the Smartpen may be helpful for you, stop by the DAS office for a two week trial with one of our pens. To reserve your pen, please e-mail our office and set up a time to come in for a brief tutorial. We only have a few pens so act fast!


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