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Alternative breaks are a fun way for students to participate in community service projects in places around the country and around the world. This year, three trips are being sponsored by OSU’s Center for Civic Engagement:


Hunger & Homelessness:   San Francisco, California                  


Explore homelessness issues in major urban areas. Provide service work such as preparing and serving meals. Students will also complete indirect service projects, such as facility improvements and assisting organizations prepare for fundraisers. Spend time learning about San Francisco and all the city has to offer.


Community & Cultural Engagement: Yakima, Washington           


Discover the cultures of the Yakima Valley. Work with new migrant workers with their English language skills, help at afterschool children’s programs or work the land. Visit the Yakama Nation Cultural Heritage Center and learn how the area’s history has influenced its people.


Environmental  Restoration & Conservation: Ashland, Oregon    


Learn about conservation and restoration issues in Ashland, OR. Get hands-on experience participating in restoration projects, meet with local environmental leaders, and learn about the ways humans impact local ecosystems. This trip gets physical – some labor and lots of hiking around outdoors. Bring your rain gear!


Applications are due before 5 p.m. Monday, November 26.


Applications and further information on each trip, along with lodging, trip fees and meal information, can be found on the CCE’s Alternative Spring Break webpage at


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