Application and Registration

Q: What will increase my chances of being accepted to the conference?

A: We expect that some conferences will be oversubscribed, so it is  important to complete all parts of the application and to write a thoughtful Applicant Statement. Priority will be given to applicants who (i) are undergraduate physics majors, (ii) have never attended an APS CUWiP, and (iii) are applying to attend the conference that is geographically closest to their expected location in January 2016.

Q: Are “application” and “registration” the same thing?

A: No.  You apply to attend a CUWiP conference (the one closest to you), and you are accepted, wait-listed or declined according to the priorities listed above.  Application is free, and the deadline is October 16, 2015, midnight ET.  After you have been accepted, you then register with the conference to which you have been accepted (you may be assigned to a different conference depending on the number of applications) to confirm that you will actually be attending.  The registration fee is $25, and can potentially be reimbursed.  Once you arrive at the conference, you will register on-site, which lets us know that you have arrived, and you will receive a registration package with a name badge, meal tickets and other useful information.

Q: How much does the conference cost?

A: Registration is $25 and can potentially be reimbursed. The only other expense is travel; contact your department to see if assistance is available. If your local department is unable to cover all travel costs, travel grants are available for participants from U.S. institutions.

Q: How do I know the amount my department will contribute?

A: You need to talk to your department chair, manager, or director of undergraduate studies before registering.

Q: Do I need to book my travel before registering?

A: No, but you should have an estimate of the cost. If you intend to fly please read the information on flying on our travel page and email us before booking a flight.

Q: Must I be a physics major?

A: No, you do not need to be a declared physics major. You are encouraged to apply if you are considering being a physics major. If you aren’t interested in physics at all, the conference won’t be very interesting to you.  If you haven’t declared a major yet, enter “undeclared” on the registration form

Q: I am an Oregon State University student. Do I need to apply and register?

A: Yes, all attendees must go through the same application and registration process and observe all the deadlines.

Q: I attended last year. Can I come again?

A: The content of this year’s conference won’t be identical to last year’s, so attending again is an option. However, if we receive more applications than we can accommodate, preference will be given to students who haven’t attended previously.

Travel and Hotel

Q: Can I come late? Can I leave early? Can I skip things that I’m not interested in?

A: Because your conference expenses have been paid for you and your travel costs are reimbursable, it is expected that you will attend all of the official events as scheduled. If you have special circumstances, please contact us to discuss them.

Q: If I arrive late, how do I get my registration packet?

A: If you are not able to arrive until late Friday, you will be able to get your registration packet on Saturday morning.

Q: What if I have dietary restrictions?

A: There is a section for this on the registration form. If you believe your dietary needs are unusual, please contact us and we will work to accommodate you.

Q: Where do I stay during the conference?

A: At the Hilton Garden Inn. Please visit our Accommodation page for more information.

Q: Where do I park?

A: You may park at the Hilton Garden Inn if you are a guest (no charge).  Parking on campus is free after 5pm on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. There is plenty of parking across the street from the conference venue at Reser Stadium.  See OSU Parking Services for maps and information.

Q: Will you help me find a carpool?

A: We will send out a list of registered participants after the close of registration. We hope you can use that to find other students from the area to carpool with.

Q: How can I get to and from the airport?

A: We will help you with travel between airports and Corvallis, by organizing shuttles, or pointing you to commercial services.  If you plan to fly, please contact us before making your reservation.  Please visit our travel page.

At the Conference

Q: How do I get to and from campus?

A: LaSells Stewart Center is within easy walking distance of the Hilton Garden Inn. If you are a local, we recommend checking out the local bus schedule (it’s free!) as parking can be difficult around campus during normal working hours. Please note that buses do not run on Sundays.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Wear warm clothing and expect some rain.  Here are weather data for Corvallis.  “Business casual” is the norm for physics conferences.  If you are giving a presentation, you should choose the dressier end of “business casual”.  It always helps to make a good impression, and it may help you feel more confident.


Q: What if I have changed my mind about presenting a poster?

A: If you’ve changed your mind about presenting, please email MacKenzie at the conference email address as soon as possible.

Q: What are the guidelines for posters?

A: Visit our presentation page for tips on posters.

Q: When do I get reimbursed?

A: After the conference, submit the reimbursement form that will be provided in your registration package at the conference. Reimbursement will be mailed to you within a month. More details here.

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