Careers in Industry

Panel moderated by Crystal Bailey

Crystal will set the stage describing where physicists ultimately find jobs, and how to prepare for a fulfilling career as a physicist in industry. Then our panel of industry physicists will take your questions about a career in the private sector. Some of our panelists: Laura King, Hewlett Packard; Tracy Taylor-Thomas, Jive Software;  Judy Giordan, ecosVC; Whitney Shepherd, Intel Corporation. (Saturday morning, all attend)

Making a Splash on the Job Market

with Crystal Bailey

Learn how to write a resume that the person hiring will want to read! Understand how to assess your skills and interests and prepare yourself for an interview. Discuss how to build a network and make connections, and then make a splash in the job market.
(Sessions: A, B – Agriculture Production Room, LaSells Stewart Center)

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with Judy Giordan and Janet Bryant

A successful physics career is not only about doing great science – it is also about convincing others why our work is important, and why we are the ones capable of doing it. Yet sharing our abilities is thought of as bragging by some, and it doesn’t come easily or naturally to everyone. Some even think it’s better to be modest about our accomplishments, and to “let the work speak for itself”, or to let others brag about us. We say, “NO! We should be able to confidently and unselfconsciously say what we are good at and provide evidence for it.” So join us at a “BRAGGING” workshop! PRACTICE  sharing your strengths and become effective at it!  Check out Why Bragging is Good for Women to read more – see you at the workshop!
(Sessions A, C – Agriculture Leaders Room, LaSells Stewart Center)

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How do I get to Grad School?

with Kai-Mei Fu & Stephanie Majewski

What strategies can you adopt as an undergraduate to make your road to graduate school easier? How do you get good letters of recommendation? How do admissions committees view the GRE score? How important is your personal statement? Which schools should you apply to? Should you take time off to work or do an internship? What if I never go to grad school? Talk about these questions and more with professors and former graduate students from universities and colleges in the Northwest.
(Sessions A, B – Agriculture Science Room, LaSells Stewart Center)

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What is Life Like in Grad School and is it for me?

with Allison Gicking

What is it like to do a research degree? How do you choose an advisor? What is it like to be a teaching assistant? How do you balance research with classes? How do qualifying exams work? How much do you get paid? Is there a social life? Does a Ph.D. limit your career choice to being a professor?  Current and former graduate students will will answer these and any other questions you have about graduate school.
(Sessions A, C – Burlingham 111B, CH2M Hill Alumni Center; )

Being Different

with Mary James & Diana Juarez Madera

It’s hard when you’re the only one … the only one who is older, the only one who has children, the only one who is black, the only one who is transgender. And the list goes on. People who are different experience everything from outright hostility and discrimination to benign neglect.  If you are the one who is different, learn how to tackle situations that many of your peers may not experience or understand.  If you are not, learn to understand the perspective of those who are.
(Sessions A, B – Elle 111A, CH2M Hill Alumni Center)

Implicit Bias: What it is and How to Overcome it

with Stacey York

Even well-meaning people have biases that are unconscious.  In science, such biases may result in weaker letters of recommendation, lower salaries, harsher judgment during the peer-review publication process and ignoring input in a discussion or debate.  Even women in science can be biased against women in science!  How does implicit bias affect you? What can you do to address biases?
(Sessions: A, C – Trysting Tree 114B, CH2M Hill Alumni Center)

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Careers in Physics

A physics degree prepares you many different careers. Find out from our panelists how they navigated careers in national labs, academic research, teaching in universities, 4-year colleges, community colleges, high school, intellectual property, etc.

Natalie Roe, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Fran Poodry, Vernier; Miriam Lambert, Kaiser Permanente; Ellen Momsen, OSU; Shannon Mayer, University of Portland; Carlos Hernandez, Brandt Electronics; Laura King, HP. Inc (moderator)

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Shannon O’Leary, Lewis and Clark College; Janet Bryant, PNNL; Dara Easley, Detailedly; Alison Yates, Zemax; Jenna Wardini, FEI; Erin Craig (moderator)

Stephanie Majewski, University of Oregon; Kai-Mei Fu, University of Washington; Crystal Bailey, APS; Erin Craig, Central Washington University, Greg Mulder, Linn-Benton Community College; Heidi Schellman, OSU; Shannon Mayer (moderator)

(Sessions A, B, C – Trysting Tree 114A, CH2M Hill Alumni Center )

Making the Most of Your Undergraduate Career

with Janet Tate & DJ Wagner

Many undergraduates spend the senior year wishing they had made better use of their time. Don’t be one of those! Discuss different strategies to enrich your undergraduate career. How do you participate in research and explore interdisciplinary courses? How do you become a teaching assistant or tutor, or become involved in SPS and other outreach activities? Discuss the the importance of building relationships with your peers and teachers and interacting with visiting scientists.
(Session B – Agriculture Leaders Room, LaSells Stewart Center)

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From Community College to 4-year Institution

with Greg Mulder

Learn more about the transition from the community college to the 4-year program and what can be done to make the transition smoother. Also learn about scholarship and REU programs that exist specifically for two-year college students. Finally, whether you are destined for academia or industry, there are a variety of ways in which you can partner with two-year colleges. Are you interested in teaching at a Community College or like to know how you might collaborate with Community Colleges in your future careers in industry or academia? Greg Mulder is a physicist with many years of experience teaching physics and guiding physics students at Linn-Benton Community College – discuss these issues and more with him.
(Session B – Trysting Tree 114B, CH2M Hill Alumni Center)

Interactive Teaching and Learning

with Corinne Manogue and Liz Gire

Research shows clearly that people don’t learn physics (or anything, really) by listening passively. Experience solving a challenging problem in group mode and discuss the strategies that learners and instructors employ to understand and teach physics. Find out what active engagement means for you and how the group dynamic affects what you learn.
(Session C – Agriculture Science Room, LaSells Stewart Center)

Workplace skills

with Laura King & Tracy Thomas

Learn how to be successful in the workplace by knowing your strengths, networking, interacting and communicating well, and being part of a team.  You need technical skills to be successful in a science career, obviously, but most people don’t realize the vital importance of  the “softer skills” in securing a position and advancing a career.
(Session C – Agriculture Production Room, LaSells Stewart Center)

Being Women in Science

Lunch discussion

Lunch-time will feature resource people at all tables for you to discuss “Being women in science”.  How do women manage work-life balance, especially with children? Do they experience overt or subtle discrimination? What steps do they take to overcome discrimination or harassment? What are stereotype threat and imposter syndrome? How do you recognize and support men who are allies and friends? Leave the conference with renewed confidence and strategies to tackle prejudice that may come your way. (Saturday Lunch)

Topics Lunch

Lunch discussion

Have lunch with women scientists at tables organized by topic. What do YOU want to discuss? (Sunday Lunch)

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