Robots and Computers

Raspberry Pi 4

For my first post I would like to talk about two of my favorite topics: Robots and Computers.

Robots and Computers go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. For me the future seems to be a constantly evolving mixture of the two. The precision and speed digital computers can offer in such a small package and at such a low cost energetically and financially has allowed almost anyone with the will to get involved in computing. Robotics on the other hand seems less wide spread but ripe for future growth.

Personally I am very interested in what robotics can offer to humanity in terms of increasing everyone’s quality of life. As more and more industries turn to robotics to automate tasks, many people are worried that their jobs will be replaced. The truth is, their jobs will be replaced, but I don’t see this as a bad thing. The more jobs that are replaced means products can be manufactured and sold at cheaper prices and at a higher standard of quality. Eventually ( I hope) many products will become cheap enough that it just doesn’t require a lot of money to have a high standard of living.

If you ask what a robot really is, it’s really just a bunch of machinery being controlled by a computer. Robots are so cool to me because they can be built for almost any purpose and when combined with things like machine learning and the internet, the possibilities are almost limitless. Eventually I think we will have AI powered friends and robots throughout or societies. This will put immense pressure on our social and political hierarchies, but will have the potential to lift almost everyone out of poverty and maybe even change the way we treat one another.

For the reasons written about above and many more I haven’t mentioned, I think robotics and computers will take humanity further than any technology that has come before. Personally I want to work in this field and this is one reason I have pursued a Computer Science degree. I am excited to work on this semesters project whatever it may be and I am excited for my career that follows graduation of this program.

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