Welcome to the OSU CoE Wellness Blog!

Hello! Did you know that the Oregon State University College of Engineering has a wellness program? Allow me to introduce myself and the services that we offer.

My name is Shannon Frasca (pictured below in mid laughter 😜). I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and I coordinate the Wellness Program here at CoE. Nice to meet you!

The Wellness Program is pretty new, so no worries if you haven’t heard about it. I joined CoE in October 2022 when it became apparent that engineering students were using the campus counseling services at a higher rate that other colleges. CoE made a committment to help student’s address their mental health needs and decided to bring in their own counselor. Here I am!

My role is to provide support to both faculty/staff and students. Here are some of the services that I am currently offering.

For students:

  • Individual consulation– This is a 30 minute appointment over the phone to disucss what your concerns are. Maybe you’re experincing anxiety, depression, or a difficult break-up. Maybe you have some concerns about a friend. Whatever it is, we can talk about it and figure out what options might be best to fit your needs.
  • Individual, short term therapy– I can meet one on one with you to help you navigate life stressors or learn coping skills to manage your emotions. Because there are so many engineering students, I do have to refer some to the CAPS office for short term therapy. I always do my best to avoid putting any students on a wait-list.
  • Community Referrals– Sometimes your needs may be better suited to longer term therapy or a specialist. I can work with you to help you find a clinician in the community that accepts your insurance and has availabilty.
  • Mental Health Workshops– Each week of the term I will offer a workshop on a topic related to mental health and wellbeing. Be on the look out for a post with the dates/times/locations!
  • **coming soon** Support groups– In the near future (hopefully Spring term 2024) we will have support groups for students to attend to connect with students and process their experiences. Many of these groups will be identity specific and run in partnership with several of our CAPS clinicians.
  • This blog– The intention of this blog is to provide information about the wellness program services, events, and ways to get involved. Additionally, I’ll throw up some good coping skills, articles, videos, etc. I’ll admit that I’ve never been good at blogging. I’ll try my best to keep this thing interesting…I’m always open to feedback.

For staff:

  • Consultation– If you are unsure what to say/do for a student you suspect my be in need of support, let’s talk! I’m happy to consult about ways to incorportate wellness practices into your classroom and syllabus as well.
  • Workshops– Invite me to your next staff meeting! I’d love to come do a presentation about my services or provide a training related to mental health.
  • Classroom presentation– I can come and speak to your sections about mental health, motivation, resiliancy, whatever you want!

Visit our wellness page for more information.

To schedule a 30 minute phone consultation with me use this link or email me at shannon.frasca@oregonstate.edu

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