Howard’s Law on Human Worth

Happy finals week, Beavers! You’re so close to the finish line.

I know this is a challenging time for many students, which is why I thinks it’s a great opportunity to remind you that you are important and valuable– depite how the end of the term shapes up for you.

When life is weighing me down and I feel ‘less than’, I like to remind myself of Claudia A. Howard’s Laws of Human Worth, described below by these 5 axioms:

  1. All have infinite, eternal, and unconditional worth as people.
  2. All have equal worth as people. Worth is not competative or comparative.
  3. Externals neither add to nor diminsh worth. Externals include things like money, looks, performance, and achievements. Worth as a person is unchanging.
  4. Worth is stable and never in jeopardy (even when someone rejects you).
  5. Worth doesn’t have to be earned or proved. It already exists. Just recognize, accept, and appreciate it.

You got this!

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