Exploring the diets of coastal Oregon birds

Are you a coastal Oregon nature photographer? Do you have shots of birds carrying fish or invertebrates in their bills or talons? Want to contribute to community science research efforts?

If so, join our effort to learn about what our coastal birds are eating!

We’re looking for pictures of coastal Oregon birds – i.e. marine and estuarine birds – that have fish, crabs, squid, octopus or other marine invertebrates in their bills or talons. Contribute your photos under the “Photo Submission” header above.

BIRDS with FISH seeks to answer the question of what Oregon’s coastal avian species are eating and how this may change over time. By encouraging experienced nature photographers to get involved with our work, we hope to increase our collection of photographs of coastal and estuarine birds with fish in their bills or talons.

This project is made possible through generous administrative, financial and in-kind support from:

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