Phone codes changing 8/17/22

Telecom will be performing a substantial update to the Avaya phone system the evening of August 17th.  The most impactful effect of this upgrade for us is that everyone’s phone login code will be changing; your current code will no longer work after the update.  In addition, you will only need to enter #54 and then your login code. For example, if your login code is 40100, to log in to the Service Desk queue you will enter #54 40100.  To sign out, you only need to press #56. I have updated everyone’s information in CX Management as of the evening of the 17th.

What you need to do:

  • Check the CX Management site ( when you start your first shift on or after Thursday, August 18th to find your newly-assigned Phone Code.
  • Please note, this will NOT affect your assigned phone extension- only the code which signs you in to the Service Desk queue.

Additional note for OSU Campus Operators: The updated version of Avaya requires a separate login code to be used for the Operator queue.  CX management does not allow us to enter multiple phone codes for our techs, so I will email each of you directly with your assigned Operator login code, and will additionally add your code in the shift description field in W2W.  I should have enough Operator codes to give each person their own code.

Please contact Max if you have any questions!