Blog Post #3

Well this week my team completed our Project Plan! For this we decided that our Dating App for Animal Adoption will be a Web based application. The technologies that we will be using to make this happen with be React for our front end development. Trusty NodeJS and Express will be used for our back… Continue reading Blog Post #3

Blog Post #2

Nearly two weeks of my last term here at OSU has come to an end. In which time I have been assigned to a group and fortunately with the ones that I had asked to be teamed with and we get to work on our number one project pick! Still in the infancy stages of… Continue reading Blog Post #2

Blog Post #1!

Officially have started my last term here at OSU! I couldn’t be any more excited to see my CS post bac journey slowly coming to an end. For my final term I am taking CS 492 Mobile Application Development and CS 467 Capstone Project.   In setting up my personal laptop in preparation for CS… Continue reading Blog Post #1!