For me, what I am really good at is to help people over come there problem, which means I am a good problem solver and a good listener. I like to listen to other people’s story, no matter what story it is, I would love to hear it. Then, base on their problem, I will… Continue reading Self-reflection

IPIP Results & Reactions

I did the short version of the IPIP test, which include 120 questions, asked some things like an emotional, task, and daily questions. The result of my test is I have an average score on all five categories, I am a personality type who likes to be with others but also like to take time… Continue reading IPIP Results & Reactions

Recruitment Ad

For me, I think the first impression for my potential employers would be like a professional brand and hospitality. I do believe that as a brand, you have to aim a target, like in which field you are good at, you have to tell your employers that I am good at managing things, communicate, or… Continue reading Recruitment Ad

Job Descriptions

One job and only one job I attend is an internship on last summer break, I was working for a financial company to do market research. My elder sister give me this chance, and my mentor help me a lot during the internship. When I first review the job description, it said the main work… Continue reading Job Descriptions