5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Let’s get started with defining what is even a landing page is and what is a landing page conversion. Generally, the landing page is the first webpage that the user sees when they click on a website link. In comparison, a landing page conversion rate helps you understand how your audience is responding to your landing page. The overall objective for a marketers’ campaign is to gain the customer’s attention, boost conversions in which the user completes a specific goal and or takes action.

How do you do that? Is it challenging? Is it effective? Are all questions that you may have when it comes to boosting conversion rates.

Well, you’re in luck today’s this blog post will focus on 5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions in the following paragraphs below.

1.Mobile Compatibility – In today society is the use of mobile phones are prominent in our daily lives. We have entered a time in society where we use them for almost everything whether it’s for texting, calling, entertainment purposes, shopping etc. Thus, it’s an extremely important component to have a well-designed landing page that is mobile friendly. More and more customers are choosing to use their mobile devices as a mean to browse the internet. Therefore, having a functional, well designed, and user friendly page helps keep viewers interested and helps drive conversions. This means making sure the layout, size, dimensions of content are all appropriately scaled for mobile device use to ensure a quick and easy read for users.

2. Seven Principles of Conversion – Centered Design

As stated from our textbook Digital Marketing Essentials May 2019 written by Larsen & Dapper suggests to follow the Seven Principles of Conversion – Centered Design which all can help boost conversions.

  • Attention: Grab the attention of the viewer! Make the viewer intrigued and want to stay on your site. Get the users attention by having a CTA (Call to Action). An example of this could be “BUY NOW”, “SIGN UP NOW” anything that captures the viewers’ attention.
  • Content: Make sure the content on the page is clear and identifiable for viewers to understand. Ensure that the content from the homepage matches the customer’s expectations. You never know where site visitors are coming from and their knowledge about a product or services being promoted.
  • Clarity: Simple. The viewer should be able to clearly and easily identify what the webpage is about.
  • Congruence: Do not overwhelm the potential customer with distracting words and text rather use encourage words to encourage the conversion.
  • Credibility: Establish creditability and show viewers that you are trustworthy. This helps customers trust page your product and or services. You can do this this through positive reviews and or testimonials from customers.
  • Closing: Always use positive words to encourage and finish the conversion.
  • Continuance: After the conversion is complete encourage customers to start a new conversion!!

3. Check Loading Speed

There is nothing worse than a page that never loads! Test and keep in mind loading time matters for viewers. Frequently check to see if any components of the landing page is slowing the load speed and adjust accordingly. Loading speed can make it or break it for viewers engagement within a few seconds. 

4. Focus on Page Elements

  • Navigation – Make the website user-friendly that the visitor can use and not get lost! 
  • Trust symbols – Logos, icon, images, small statements and symbols that can help make the user feel more confident in the site.
  • Color Scheme – stay consistent with the logo color scheme. Never use overwhelming and distracting colors as it can steer viewers away.
  • Buttons – Get users involved by a click! Use different colors, shapes, and sizes of buttons to help improve conversions which helps create a more engaging site.
  • Images and or videos – Use images and video which helps you remain professional, establish credibility, and can make the page more visually appealing. 

5. Understand your Campaign Goals
This is huge. Having a clear understanding of your campaign goals help ensure your landing page is focused on a certain product and service and or call to action for viewers. Do not overwhelm and or confused the viewer with content, promotions, call to actions, etc. Having a clear campaign goal essential so, viewers do not misinterpret and or get confused by your landing page.

Wow, that was a lot of information to take in! Now you’re ready to implement these 5 tips into your own landing pages to boost conversions.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog post!


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