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Job/Internship of the Week
Marketing and Client Service Associate
Maxim Global Wealth Advisors


We are an independent investment and financial planning firm serving globally oriented families from our offices south of Portland, Oregon. We are now searching for a talented and motivated individual to join our team in an entry-level position.

We build globally oriented investment portfolios and offer personalized retirement planning, primarily for cross-border families – both international families living in the U.S. and anyone abroad with assets in the U.S. Because of this unique specialty, we are exposed to a diverse set of financial issues which can make our work especially interesting and rewarding.

We are a small fast-growing company serving an interesting niche of families, who are generally located along the West Coast and internationally. Many of our clients are originally from Europe, India or Australia, so it is important that our staff be comfortable communicating with a multicultural client base. Candidates with international backgrounds or experience are strongly encouraged.

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