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Job/Internship of the Week
Assistant to Grower/Farm Manager


Unique opportunity to learn all aspects of farm operation and production as Assistant Grower/Farm Manager at large scale mushroom farm in operation for 30 years. We are currently the largest fresh mushroom producer in the state of Oregon at over 5 million pounds of mushrooms annually, organic and non-organic. Our goal is sustainable growth for another 30 years.

The Assistant Grower/Farm Manager would be responsible for:

Consistently delivering high quality mushroom crops
Production Forecasting
Monitor quality and inventory of raw materials
Monitor and maintain cost efficiencies
Insure compliance with company safety policies, GMP’s, Food Safety, and sanitation policies

The ideal candidate would possess:

Demonstrated leadership qualities; must be a team player
Good interpersonal skills for effective communications with management, peers and subordinates
Bi-lingual and bi-literate (English/Spanish)
B.S. in a biological science preferred

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