For nine years Black Friday has been recorded as the busiest shopping day of the year. The shopping extravaganza, which takes place the day after Thanksgiving, begins anywhere from midnight to 4am when lines of eager shoppers await various store openings in order to snatch up some of the best deals seen all year. Much like preparing for a job interview, Black Friday involves much planning and preparation. Here are 3 ways preparing for Black Friday is like preparing for a job interview:

  1. Do your Research. When preparing for your job interview, research can be helpful in learning a little bit about the company such as its missions and goals. It can also give insight on statistics and competitors in the particular field in which you will be interviewing. Doing your research for Black Friday is also important. already has Black Friday ads for 2012 posted for major stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and Sears. Researching and comparing ads from different stores can be helpful to ensure you are getting the best deal. To go even further, researching past and current prices of the item you are hoping to buy can also be helpful to ensure you are really getting a deal. (I bought a camera last year on Black Friday and it turned out I waited in line at 4 in the morning for a small 10 dollar discount on it! Sometimes the small discounts might not be worth all the hassle of Black Friday.)
  2. Prepare & Practice. Though you don’t know the specific questions that will be asked of you in your interview, there are still a few ways you can prepare and practice. Making a list of your skills and accomplishments can help you give specific examples in your interview answers, while practicing and recording yourself answering questions can make you aware of your mannerisms and habits. Making a list for Black Friday is important in helping you stay on track and stay focused. Many big stores like Target and Walmart get so crowded with shoppers that things can become very overwhelming and intense. Sometimes with limited number of items, stores have people pushing and shoving for the latest and greatest deals. This is also why practice can be important in preparing for your shopping day. It can be helpful to visit the stores you plan on going to and get familiar with the set-up and layout of the store. Some stores may also rearrange their layout for the big day, so sometimes maps are placed in their Black Friday ads which show where big items and different departments will be set up.
  3. Image. The last step in preparing for your interview is deciding what to wear. “Dressing the part” can be crucial in the interview process, sometimes making or breaking the outcome. Dressing the part for your interview usually varies depending on the company and position. In addition to dressing the part, making sure you are comfortable can be important, as well as being conscious of things you might fidget with or that might be distracting like hair, jewelry, etc. With long lines and crowded stores, dressing the part is just as important on Black Friday. Being comfortable is also highly recommended for Black Friday since you will be doing a lot of walking and a lot of standing in lines. Having comfortable clothing can also make moving through the stores easier, helping you get in and out at a quicker pace. (I waited in line at a store for 2 hours on Black Friday 3 years ago!)

There you have it…so be sure to do your research, get prepared, and get comfortable and you will be ready to take on those Black Friday deals as well as an interview!

Posted by Erica Evans, Career Services Assistant

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Job/Internship of the Week
Child & Adolescent Treatment Specialist
Trillium Family Services


At Trillium Family Services, we believe that every team member has an integral role in the lifesaving treatment we provide. We offer hope in understanding life challenges and work with clients, families and community support networks to help children heal and return to their homes and loved ones, where they can lead lives that fulfill their potential. We believe that those we serve have suffered trauma and that this trauma greatly impacts their lives. We are a trauma informed agency and aim to provide safe, reparative emotional experiences. We hold these commitments in our trauma informed principles: build safety, emotional management and cognitive skills; help overcome barriers to healthy communication; create skills of self control and self discipline; establish healthy attachment relationships and rebuild social connections; and help to work through loss and prepare for the future.

Trillium Family Services offers a great opportunity to be part of a dedicated team helping children and adolescents in psychiatric residential treatment. The Child and Adolescent Treatment Specialist is an entry-level, direct care position that helps provide innovative models of care and treatment for children and adolescents living with mental illness. We look to hire people who are passionate about working with our population and who are committed to improving the lives of those we serve through our trauma informed models of practice.

Responsibilities: Build rapport with clients and provide daily support and structure. Provide skills training to clients in order to help them learn to manage their mental health symptoms. Model, coach and counsel clients regarding appropriate hygiene, social and interpersonal interactions. Manage crisis situations as needed. Administer medications as required and directed. Monitor clients according to assigned shifts. Complete required chart entries and professional documentation. Plan, supervise and participate with clients in study and recreational programs according to agency policies.

Pay range is $10.15 – $10.90 per hour (depending on experience and $0.75/hr shift differential for the Awake Overnight shift). Extensive paid training provided for all new hires, including a mandatory 40 hour training academy. Child and Adolescent Treatment Specialists are not required to have a degree, but relevant experience and education, including QMHA status, is preferred.

We currently have availability for full & part-time day, swing and awake overnight shifts.

Trillium Family Services is an equal opportunity service provider and employer.

Position Type
Permanent Full-Time, Permanent Part-Time, Temporary/Seasonal – Full Time, Temporary / Seasonal – Part Time, Internship – Paid, Internship – Unpaid
Bachelors Degree in behavioral science (30-36 quarter hours of mental health classes) or related field; or equivalent education/relevant experience (Qualified Mental Health Associate). Experience working with children and adolescents (coaching, 4-H, church youth group, practicum, camp or other recreational activities). Experience working with at-risk children and youth preferred. Must be physically able to restrain an out-of-control child and able to lift at least 50 pounds.
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