Day 26:

You’re “kind of a big deal.”

How?  Easy, go to Oregon State University Printing & Mailing and click on “Design Online.” Either log-in or create a new account and then click on “Catalog” and then OSU Business Cards for Students on the left hand side. They already have templates available for you and for a reasonable price. Business cards are really helpful and makes you look more professional. So yes, you can should consider having business cards while you’re in school.

Not sure what you’re majoring in yet?  Don’t sweat it!  Maybe a business card is not the best way for you to convey your interest in a company.  Perhaps you can spend more time perfecting your “30 second infomercial.”  Or, you might consider putting your qualifications (do you speak more than one language), work or volunteer experience, or industries you’re interested in instead of putting your major information.  Just keep in mind you have limited space so keep it brief.   Questions?  Come chat with a career counselor here in Career Services!

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