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Regional Organizer
Resolute Consulting

A national public affairs firm is looking to hire a field organizer based in Portland to assist in a national field organizing campaign.

You must have access to a computer and transportation. You must also have a willingness to attend events. Travel expenses and accommodations will be reimbursed.

Role Description:
Your primary role will consist of:
• Signup gathering at events, festivals, and in high-traffic areas.
• Coalition building and stakeholder engagement
• Identification and activation of likely campaign supporters.
• Phone calls to potential campaign supporters.
• Organizational and stakeholder research
• Assisting with community outreach as well as coordination of event logistics for client activities.

Required Skills — Qualified individuals must possess the following skills:
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to multi-task, prioritize and meet deadlines
• Good organizational skills
• Ability to do research online
• Attention to detail and accuracy
• Ability to work in a fast paced environment with minimal supervision
• Networking/people skills including persuasive speaking

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