Question: What are some job search engines for entry-level people?

When searching for jobs online oftentimes you will mainly find jobs posted that require years of experience. But what about recent graduates? Where do they find jobs? Here is a list of search engines for recent grads or people looking for entry-level work (these can also be found on the OSU Career Services website):

Beaver JobNet – many entry-level jobs and employers are specifically wanting to hire Beavers! – great site with entry-level job postings and advice on the job search including information about finding employers hiring, application materials, accepting an offer, and more! – find jobs and internships and find out what companies tend to post on this site. – find jobs and internships and lots of job search advice.

LinkedIn’s Student Job Portal – jobs for students and recent graduates.

Monster College – Monster is a large job search database but they have a special sub category for college students. Learn about jobs and get interview tips from experts, network with other entry-level job seekers, and share job seeker resources, advice, and stories.

Networking – not a website but what you should be spending most of your time doing to find a job.

Any other entry-level job search sites you recommend? Any strategies you suggest to finding an entry-level job?

Jen Busick, Career Advisor & Outreach Coordinator at Oregon State University advises students about internships and the job search, applying to graduate school, resumes/cover letters, and interviewing. She also organizes and updates resources, manages social media for Career Services and coordinates outreach opportunities. She enjoys working with students in coming up with a plan to finding a job and assisting them with figuring out the next steps. She has a lot of international experience, including the Peace Corps, study abroad, and independent travel.