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Where does passion come from?  It starts with having sense of meaning and purpose in what you do.  It’s an exciting feeling that stimulates and motivates you.  It is a part of you and should not be separate from your career.  For example, if you enjoy helping people and it fulfills you, then find a career that allows you to help others. Below are things that you can do to transform your passion into a meaningful career.

Be authentic. The source of your personal success and overall well-being comes from within. Be able to identify your talents, strengths and abilities as well as your limitations and embrace them.  Know who you are and be honest with yourself.  Focus on things that come naturally to you.

Have a Purpose.  What is your purpose? Give yourself time to examine what it is. It’s not an easy question to answer. For many, it requires deep reflection and thought. To have purpose is to know what matters to you in the world and your life. It must fulfill you and evoke emotions that excite you.  Identify things that you like to read, talk about and do. When you have a purpose, it adds more meaning to your life. Once you know what it is, you can be useful to others and can apply your talents, knowledge and skills.

Use your Values as Guide. Examine what your core values are and let it direct your path. Once you’ve determined your most significant values, determine how they fit with your goals, aspirations and lifestyle. Do they align with your purpose? For example, if you determined that work-life balance is an important value, think about careers that support that value.

Create Goals that are Impactful. Develop a positive mindset of achieving your goals. Start thinking about things that you can do now and write them down. Take action and be accountable to yourself.   This helps reinforce your goal and to achieve them much quicker. Create a visual picture of your ideal job/career. Write down the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that you enjoy doing. Envision the environment, office, location and other qualities that you look for in your ideal work setting.

Designing Your Future. Live a purpose driven life. Know how your skills, knowledge and talents can make an impact. Seek opportunities where you can contribute your qualities to others and in a way that ignites your passion.

Knowing what you are passionate about is important. When you know what you want, it is much easier to obtain it and your pursuits become more meaningful.

What are you passionate about? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Marian Moore, Career Development Coordinator/Career Counselor in Career Services at OSU is passionate about empowering others holistically to find meaningful and sustainable careers that promote lifestyle optimization. Interests: Career Coaching, Talent and Human Capital Management, Curriculum Design and Development, International Education, Personal Branding, Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship, Global Economic Development, Human Rights and Immigrant and Refugee advocacy.

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