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Name: Andrew Sherman

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year: Senior

Where did you do your internship? ATI Wah Chang in Albany, OR.

What was your title? Mechanical Project Engineer

What did you do? I worked on multiple projects that ranged from pump systems to process equipment design. I also developed and managed the scope, schedule, and budgets for equipment installation projects utilizing Contractors and Union maintenance personnel.

How did you hear about your internship? I learned about this opportunity through the School of Engineering, MECOP program.

What did you gain personally and professionally from this experience? I gained 15 months of industry experience working as a Mechanical Engineer. I was able to apply my educational background with practical experience. I also developed many industry contacts. More importantly, I feel that I will have a competitive advantage when applying for full-time positions.

What did you learn about yourself in process? It confirmed that being a mechanical engineer is a good fit and I enjoy the work. Also, I am ready to work in the industry full-time and have the confidence and skills for any job or challenge. I also learned that I would enjoy working as a project manager installing new capital equipment, which was unfamiliar to me before I worked at ATI Wah Chang.

What skills did you develop or learn? I expanded my technical and communication skills, which is essential for project managers. As the project manager, I was responsible for the communication channel between several key people.

How did your education/experiences help to prepare you for this type of job? I was able to apply many concepts learned from classes towards my industry experience.

What information can you share with your peers or others interested in this field? If interested in developing your industry experience and helping your resume rise to the top of the stack then MECOP is a good choice. The program insures that you will be placed with two companies for six months. I got 15 months because I was able to extend my internship for an additional 3 months to complete projects. The two internships are designed to be completely different within your field of interest. Also the internships pay three quarters of what a new graduate would receive.  Below is a link to the MECOP website to learn more about the program.

Marian Moore, Career Development Coordinator/Career Counselor in Career Services at OSU is passionate about empowering others holistically to find meaningful and sustainable careers that promote lifestyle optimization. Interests: Career Coaching, Talent and Human Capital Management, Curriculum Design and Development, International Education, Personal Branding, Organizational Development, Entrepreneurship, Global Economic Development, Human Rights and Immigrant and Refugee advocacy.

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