Posted by Linsey Stripling, OSU Junior and Carer Services Career Assistant

Do you often wonder what you should do after you have an interview? Well, the answer is follow up with the employer, of course! The follow-up is just as important as the interview itself. At the end of the question and answer portion, as you are thanking the employer for meeting with you, ask for a business card. This gives you all of their contact information which you will need in order to write a follow up thank you letter. Here is a simple letter outline to help you show your gratitude.

Applicant’s Current Address
City, State, ZIP Code

Phone Number


Recipient’s Name
Street Address
City, State, ZIP Code

Dear Recipient’s Name:

1st Paragraph: Express appreciation for opportunity; mention location and date of interview or meeting; make a positive statement about your interest in the organization.

2nd Paragraph: Emphasize a specific point which will make you stand out in the employer’s memory; supply any additional information which was omitted from the interview.

3rd Paragraph: Close with additional appreciation; make a positive statement about your qualifications for the position.


(your name signed)

Type your name

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