Posted by:  Silvestre Trujillo, OSU Junior and Career Services Career Assistant

Interviews are one of those things that scare us the most when searching for a job. However, the interview is not the only thing you should be worried about. When going to an interview there is one little thing that you must take into account, and that would be the way you treat the receptionist.

Though we may not think that the receptionist has a lot of influence, they do. While checking in for an interview it is important to pay attention to the receptionist. It is important to approach the receptionist in a polite and friendly manner. In a way, a receptionist could be seen as part of the interview. They are the first person that is a part of the company or organization that you are interviewing with. A receptionist could have plenty of influence in the hiring process and could be the deciding factor in you being hired for your dream job. While the receptionist is the main focus in this blog entry, that does not mean that the interviewer and the receptionist are the only ones to whom you should show politeness. It is important to take into account that there may be other people from the company that you may encounter. Common courtesy is something to remember as soon as you walk out the door and on your way to an interview.