3 thoughts on “Acing the Interview

  1. like your video but just getting a interview is just killing me . Everyones now a days are going to online apps i feel very impersonal for it does not give any chances of explaining things about passed jobs experences or anything really that you can sell yourself to even get an interview. Where would I start to get just the interviews?

  2. Yes…getting an interview is the first (and sometimes hardest) step. Online applications are difficult, which means even extra energy. I would spend more time on the descriptions of your jobs (there should still be a place for that on an online application). Also, resumes are only one part of job-searching. Networking is crucial these days…if you can do some quality networking in addition to submitting your resume, you’ll stand out more. For questions about networking visit our website (http://oregonstate.edu/career/students/job-search-strategies-preparation/networking), or schedule an appointment with a career counselor and we can walk you through that process.

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