textbooks-main_FullPosted by Anne Lapour, Career Counselor

As a counselor over in Career Services, I talk with students almost every day who need to declare a major, or who want to change majors.  Generally speaking, students have a major or two in mind when they come to see me.  And often the first question out of their mouth is…What can I do with this major?  What jobs correspond with this major out in the real world?

It’s a legitimate question.  But it’s a tough one too, because it’s not uncommon for people to find satisfaction in a job that doesn’t seem directly related to their college major.  There are certainly exceptions, but Major does NOT always equal Career.

So where to begin?  If you’re considering a specific major, start by researching the course curriculum.  This may seem obvious, but people often skip this step.  And think about it–if you take a look at the course requirements and it looks hideous in your eyes, you’re not going to want to spend 4 years studying it.  Choose a major that you can see yourself studying…and perhaps even enjoying.  If you’re interested in your major, chances are you’ll find it easier and more fulfilling–leaving you extra time and energy to pursue the hands-on experiences or internships that will make you truly marketable by the time you graduate.

Obviously, this isn’t the only consideration when choosing a major.  But it’s a place to start.  Here’s a link to all the majors at Oregon State…click a few, and navigate your way through the department websites to find the undergraduate course curriculum for your chosen degree.  Does it look appealing?  Then you’re one step closer to choosing a major.