Posted by Ali Casqueiro, Career Services Intern

For some of us, the prospect of spending 40 hours a week in one of many cubicles at an office doesn’t seem ideal. While many individuals enjoy the fact that an office job means no throbbing feet at the end of the day and little need to battle brutal weather throughout the changing seasons, others in the market for employment can’t stand to imagine five days a week in a muted-color cubical. So, for those of you whose ideal workspace doesn’t include spending 2,400 minutes sitting in a cubical all week, have you considered what jobs are out there that are cubical-free?

According to Anthony Balderrama of, many people know their ideal work environment is one that’s not confined to an office or, “the prospect of sitting at a desk (probably in front of a computer), with only a thin partition separating you from a sea of colleagues.” If you’re one of those people, there are plenty of non-cubical careers to explore. Check out this article to read top ten cubicle-free jobs!