Choosing a majorMost everyone can relate to the experience they had going through orientation prior to beginning school at OSU. Meeting all new students from various backgrounds posed the same formulaic interaction: “Hi, what’s your name? Where are you from? And what’s your major?” Deciding on a major is a cornerstone of the collegiate world. We understand that what we major in is our expertise, our field of perfection, what we should and will do with our lives. But, does a major really matter? Does your field of expertise actually dictate how you will spend the majority of your life?

Rosanne Lurie, a career counselor who has worked both at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of California, San Francisco states that, “Your interests and abilities lead to the decision of a major and a career after that, but there isn’t always a direct relation between the two. A major doesn’t predetermine what you end up doing.” While choosing a major in college is important, it does not necessarily indicate how you will spend your career. In reality, a major simply makes you qualified for a variety of career options. Choosing a major isn’t actually the experience that is making you most qualified for a career, rather the collegiate experience itself is refining the skills employers are looking for, like communication, teamwork, interpersonal skills, and more.

Choosing a major can be a daunting process, but in the grand scheme of life, it’s nice to put into perspective how much what you major in really matters. Read more about how much your major matters here.

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