save moneyUnless you’re Oprah Winfrey or Simon Cowell, most of us are all coming to the same conclusion: money is tight! As part-time and full-time students dedicated to our school work, extracurricular activities, friends, and family, it can be tough trying to balance a job while in school. No matter if you work full-time, part-time, or don’t have a paying job at all, there are some quick and easy things you can do as a college student to help you save a few extra $$$.

Helpful money saving tips for students:

  • Ask your cell phone company about student discounts
  • Ride the bus–it’s free with your OSU ID card
  • Check out activities and events on campus–not only is it a great way to get involved but there is usually free food!
  • Buy used text books or share with fellow students in your class
  • Check out many more money saving tips for college students here!

If cutting costs in your daily life inst enough, let Career Services help you! Check out Beaver JobNet, OSU’s own version of and let us help you get a job!

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