Adventure Game Update

Last time I talked about how we decided to change the type of game from a dungeon crawler game to a murder mystery game. Since them we have come up with the story elements of the game and have updated the game so that all of the items and rooms in the game reflect our story. We had a slow start to our project so this has been a huge improvement as I feel with the story laid out and the various elements of the story implemented all we have left to do is work out the various interactions that the user has in the game. We do not have an end game portion yet, but that is the next project we are going to be working on. We have implemented tasks the user needs to do in order to complete the game, and some of those tasks are ready to go, but the one which lets the user win the game is, like I said, something that we need to work on.

Our team has been using discord to communicate, and although I think this is still a good idea it feels like the team does have problems checking discord. I use discord every day so I am always seeing the messages and updates the team provides, however I do not feel that is the case for the entire team. Communication can be difficult when working with a group, but everyone should be able to check every day for updates and communication on the project. As an example, we were using poetry as the environment for the game but realized this would not be a viable option when trying to produce the game for users outside our group. It took over a week to discuss and decide on a different environment setup for the game, which could have been something we discussed and decided within an hour, since the decision we came to was to use pip, which is widely use and known. This also of course has been a problem with creating the team standards. Not everyone is pulling their allotted weight, including me, each week. I think it would be a good idea for our group to meet and go over the standards again as we are halfway through and can still salvage the use of the standards for the second half of the project.

Being only halfway through, I do feel our project will be a success. We have a running game with many of the elements implemented, it feels as though we only have the final touches to add to the game which should not be too much of a task. We have moved past the large picture parts of the project and are now into the details of the project. I am currently working on implementing a recipe function for the project as a specification we are using is to put items together in order to create new items which are used to solve puzzles. I already have the code written out I just need to push it to the Git repository and have it reviewed by my teammates. I believe we are on track for success here, and may even have the project done earlier than expected which would be awesome! Once we have it done we will not stop working on it, but having the project done will allow us to have more creative liberty to add things like Ascii images or fun little interactions within the game that aren’t important but make the game more playable and fun. I am excited for this project, and as long as everyone does their part we will have a complete game in just a few weeks! I told my friends I am making a game for my project and they have all asked to play it once it is finished, so I want it to be as polished as possible, not only for them but for myself as well.

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