Adventure Text Based Game Go!

Our team has decided to write our program in Python. The main thing we are using which I find very cool is the Python library called Poetry. Poetry is a tool for dependency management and packaging. Say you want to use purest as a library in your project. You can tell Poetry to add all the needed dependencies to do so by running “poetry add pytest.” This would then add pytest dependencies to your project for you! You can also add it to specific groups if you want, like say you wanted to add purest to only your tests. You would say, “poetry add pytest —group test.” The library is very cool and very useful. It allows us to avoid creating our own dependency file and instead we can run a short command in the terminal to add it for us relieving us of a lot of the work! Of course, poetry does other things as well. When you first run poetry on a new project it automatically creates a README file, a src file, the dependency file, and a tests file. Inside the src file it creates your main package, which within that is your first file already initialized for use! It does the same thing in your tests file, although it leaves out the package as it assumes you’d just have one file for testing. It really is a great tool and a great find that Jake made during the first week of work.

This past week we decided to add in some features to our repository that everyone should really be using. We are using a Continuous Integration model for project so that way no one just submits code without it being approved. Everyone in our group has had issues in the past with past groups where something got added to the repository which broke the project. By adding in the features through Github to review each other’s code we are avoiding this entirely which makes all of us feel much better about committing our own code and others committing their code. It also helps us as a team as we are able to go over each teammates code together and either learn from it or teach on how to do things a little differently. This class may be about showing our final skills in this program, but we still want to learn how to be better programmers along the way. My understanding is Jake uses this method at his place of work which is what prompted us to do use this method. Of course we are taught this method in other classes as well, but I do not think I realized just how important and useful it can be when you are exploring something brand new. I have never designed or programmed a game and so I have a lot to learn about that, but having my teammates there to help me learn by catching my mistakes and pointing out what I did right makes the process so much easier.

Finally, the most important decision we made this past week was that our game is not going to be a traditional dungeon crawler game. Instead, we are creating a murder mystery type game where people are going to have to solve puzzles in order to complete the game. We have-not come up with a storyline quite yet, but that is our plan to do this upcoming week. We each get to design five of the rooms which I am very excited for! We have not split them up yet, which thinking about it I will address tonight as I do not want anyone to create the same rooms, but I am hoping I get to design the kitchen as I think using light sockets and electronic things would be a really fun puzzle to break. My first thought on this would be you have to find all the various things that can plug into the sockets in order to blow the breaker, that way you can see the writing on the ceiling written in a fluorescent pen, but I will need to discuss with my group before I finalize that idea.

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