A Text-Based Adventure Game

Introducing Me

Hello! My name is Brendan Bordine, and this will be my blog for the capstone class. I will be in the group creating a text-based Adventure Game! I have always loved games. I have played video games since I got my hands on a Gameboy Color. I spent a lot of my childhood playing text based games including The Hobbit and Zork. I am thrilled to be creating my own! In fact, that is mostly why I chose to go into computer science as a degree. Although, this was not my only reason. My father has been a web developer since I was six, and growing up watching him to that I realized it is exactly what I want to do.

This journey, although exciting, has been tough. I never imagined learning how to be a programmer would be this difficult. I obviously underestimated the things my father and many others do every day. Now that I am a senior and have taking so many classes I do feel as though I have learned enough to get me started in a career I know will be fulfilling. This project is one of the last steps before I jump into the real world of programming. Although I am not sure what I will be learning from this project, I do know that I want to take every lesson I can from it and apply that to the world following school.