Writing Exercise #14

Non-infectious diseases influenced by microbiome:

Obesity, crohn’s, depression, anxiety, pulmonary disease, diabetes, IBD, heart disease, stroke, cancer, pre term births, allergies, autoimmune disease, MS

Comparing where I was at week one to now, I have gained a lot of factual knowledge while also deepening my understanding of the body as an overall system. This class was definitely a case of answering one question and having it open up 50 other questions instead of giving a satisfactory conclusion. I view this as a good thing and a great reminder to always look at evidence critically and truthfully. That is a broad lesson, but in taking this class alongside microbiology and immunology this summer, I have learned an obscene amount about cells and microbes which contribute to my knowledge of human health. I can definitely take the abstract skills and the concrete knowledge developed in the class into my future career (hopefully) in healthcare.

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