2017 Nobel Prize in Physics

Congratulations to Kip Thorne, Barry Barish, (Caltech) and Rainer Weiss (MIT) on winning the Nobel Prize for the development of Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) which first detected gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein over a hundred years ago.

The LIGO Livingston observatory is located on LSU (my alma mater). LSU wrote an awesome press release. This is indeed an exciting time for LSU and research as a whole.

Nature Magazine wrote an article about a year ago on how LIGO detected gravitational waves and made history.

LSU’s new mascot

In August, LSU officially welcomed Mike VII. For those who don’t know, Mike, VI passed away earlier this year from cancer.

Mike the Tiger, VII

I admit that after Mike, VI’s passing I was of the strong opinion that LSU should adopt a human mascot to lead the teams onto the fields.  I am a proponent of animal rights and essentially feel that all animals should be free (not in cages). I realize though that there are still times, when this just isn’t possible. Mike the VII, like his predecessor, is from a rescue facility. He’s never known freedom and it would be cruel to send him back to his ancestral home to fend for himself. LSU has done a fabulous job with his enclosure. Heck, it’s bigger than my house! Kudos, LSU.