Clare Reimers

Professor Emerita, Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Distinguished Professor
Project Scientist, Regional Class Research Vessel Project, Oregon State University

B.A. Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 1976
M.S. Oceanography, Oregon State University, 1978
Ph.D. Oceanography, Oregon State University, 1982
Postdoctoral Research, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 1982-1984

Curriculum Vitae

clare.reimers [at]
reimercl [at]
Office: 294 Burt Hall
104 CEOAS Admin, Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

I am a chemical oceanographer who studies the biogeochemistry of the seafloor with an emphasis on carbon and oxygen fluxes. My lab group is highly interdisciplinary and uses combinations of in situ measurement, laboratory, and modeling techniques to study sediment chemistry and microbiological relationships and their impacts on biogeochemical cycles. My Ph.D. advisor was Dr. Erwin Suess, and I did post-doctoral research with Dr. Ken Nealson and Dr. Ken Smith.

As emerita faculty, I am no longer accepting students

Research Interests

  • Sediment biogeochemistry
  • Applied electrochemistry
  • Development and application of chemical sensors
  • Redox processes and carbon cycling in the ocean
  • Eddy covariance methods

Team Members


Peter Berg, Research Professor, University of Virginia
Filip Meysman, Research Professor, University of Antwerp
Scott Marion, Marine Habitat Project Leader, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
Kristen Fogaren, Post-doctoral Researcher, Boston College
Cheng Li, Assistant Professor, James Madison University